Underrepresented Minorities Committee

This Organizational Statement was last approved by the Governing Board, (5) VOTED, February 2012.

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To: (a) foster and promote involvement, advancement and recognition of underrepresented minority members of AGA; (b) address (through policy recommendations and programs) concerns of underrepresented minority members of AGA relative to their professional endeavors; (c) address (through policy recommendations and programs) health issues relevant to and important to underrepresented minorities; and (d) hold a constituency meeting at DDW® to solicit comments, ideas and proposals from the constituency for further consideration by the committee.

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Special Qualifications, Committee Chair

  • Serves as an advocate on relevant issues.
  • Advises the govering board on relevant issues where committee involvement is not feasible.

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Committee Structure

The committee consists of eight members (including a chair), plus a trainee, and are to be selected for their interest in issues that affect underrepresented minorities. Four members shall be appointed at-large and three members shall be appointed from among members of AGA and AGA Institute committees and the AGA Institute Council. A governing board member (who shall not count against the maximum membership) shall serve as a liaison to the committee and shall attend all committee meetings; additional members of the governing board (who shall not count against the maximum membership) may be assigned as team members to the committee but are not intended to attend any committee meetings. A chair-elect (who shall not count against the maximum membership) shall be appointed one year before the end of the term of the chair.

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Committee Functions

  • Assess the Strategic Plan to assure strategic directions reflect the interests and concerns of underrepresented minority members; reviews the Strategic Plan to determine new and better ways to achieve association goals.
  • Advocates for more involvement of underrepresented minority members in all aspects of AGA activities; issues an annual report to the governing board.
  • Works with other committees and the AGA Institute Council to effect the mission of the committee; assesses the effectiveness of such programs annually and reports thereon to the governing board.

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The committee is authorized to hold two face-to-face meetings per year, one in September and one at DDW, and teleconferences as needed.

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  • Chair: Jesus Rivera-Nieves, MD, AGAF
  • Ezra Burstein, MD
  • Rotonya L. Carr, MD
  • Karen A. Chachu, MD, PhD
  • Elizabeth Coss, MD
  • Darrell M. Gray, MD
  • Christian S. Jackson, MD
  • Lewis R. Roberts, MD, PhD, AGAF
  • Daniel Sussman, MD

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