Staff Contacts for Frequently Asked Questions

AGA Institute Council

Crystal Young, director of program operations

AGA Digestive Health Recognition Program™

Chris Chernicki, manager of quality measurement and improvement

AGA Research Foundation

Stacey Hinton Tuneski, senior director, development and foundation programs

AGA Legacy Society

Stacey Hinton Tuneski, senior director, development and foundation programs

Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Editorial Questions

Thoba Khumalo Petrovic, senior managing editor, Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Missing Issues

Member Services

Coding and Billing

Coding and Billing Answer Line

Course Registration

Member Services

CME Credits

Education Department

Digestive Diseases Self-Education Program (DDSEP)

Maura Davis, director of education

Digestive Disease Week Registration and Housing

Corie Stretton, DDW convention coordinator

Digestive Health Partner Program

Tim Wenz, senior manager of corporate relations


Editorial Questions

Erin Dubnansky, senior director of scholarly publishing

Missing Issues

Member Services

Gastroenterology Teaching Program (Gastro Slides)

Mark Goetz, e-learning manager

Mailing List and Label Rentals

INFOCUS Marketing, 800-708-5478,

Medical Position Statements

Jennifer Conte, vice president of innovation and health economics

Membership Dues Renewal/Membership Status/Product Orders

Member Services

Research and Recognition Awards

Wykenna Vailor, senior manager of research affairs and awards

Spring Postgraduate Course

Sandra Megally, education manager