Distinguished Clinician Awards


Established in 1996, this recognition prize honors members of the practice community who, by example, combine the art of medicine with the skills demanded by the scientific body of knowledge in service to patients. Two individuals are recognized each year: one in private practice and one in clinical academic practice.



The candidate must be a current AGA member and demonstrate exemplary service to the AGA, such as committee service and/or AGA fellowship. Candidates for this award will be clinicians in private practice or academic settings who have exemplified leadership and excellence in the practice of gastroenterology and whose time is spent primarily in the delivery of patient care. The following criteria will be considered in selection of the award recipients; however, review commmittees may consider other criteria as needed based on a candidate’s strengths or accomplishments:

  1. Degree to which the candidate has directly impacted and enhanced patient care.
  2. Degree to which the candidate has demonstated leadership in national, regional or local organizations.  
  3. Development of patient-centered educational programs by the candidate which demonstrate excellence in education.
  4. Development of clinical programs by the candidate.
  5. The candidate’s national or regional reputation for excellence in clinical care.
  6. Impact of the candidate on mentorship and development of other clinicians.
  7. The candidate’s record of service to the AGA.

Nomination and Selection

All AGA members are encouraged to submit a nomination for this award. The recipients will be selected by an independent panel of AGA members.


The recipients will be recognized at Digestive Disease Week®.

Nomination Deadline and Submission

The nomination period for the 2018 award will begin August 1, 2017 and close September 29, 2017.

To submit a nomination, provide a one-page letter of recommendation (multiple signatories allowed) and the curriculum vitae of the nominee. Combine the documents into one PDF file. Title the file by the nominee’s last name and first initial.

Please forward all questions about this and other AGA recognition awards to 301-222-4012 or via email at awards@gastro.org.



Past Recipients (1996–2016)

1996 Arnold P. Kaplan, MD; C. Michael Knauer, MD; Daniel E. Polter, MD; Daniel H. Present, MD; Burton A. Shatz, MD
1997 Alan J. Cameron, MD; Harvey J. Dworken, MD; L. Frederick Fenster, MD; David E. Langdon, MD; Joseph G. Sweeting, MD
1998 Edgar Achkar, MD; James L. Borland, Jr., MD; Horacio H. Jinich, MD; Burton I. Korelitz, MD; Robert H. Schapiro, MD
1999 James J. Cerda, MD; Joseph E. Geenen, MD; Stanley S. Shimoda, MD; Walter R. Thayer, Jr., MD; Alvin M. Zfass, MD
2000 Eugene M. Bozymski, MD; Douglas McGill, MD; Bergein Overholt, MD; John Singleton, MD; Frank Troncale, MD, MS
2001 Richard R. Babb, MD; Charles M. Bliss, MD; Stuart H. Danovitch, MD
2002 Marshall S. Bedine, MD, LLC; Ira S. Goldman, MD; Martin L. Greene, MD; John C. McKechnie, MD
2003 Atila Ertan, MD; Joseph F. Fitzgerald, MD; John C. Fletcher, MD; Michael R. Fogel, MD; Stanley B. Goldberg, MD; Paul A. Kantrowitz, MD; Mark A. Peppercorn, MD; Satish S. C. Rao, MD; Caroline A. Riely, MD; Charles S. Winans, MD.
2004 James E. Allison, MD; Theodore M. Bayless, MD; John H. Bond, Jr., MD; Cecil H. Chally, MD; William Y. Chey, MD; Julius J. Deren, MD; Thomas D. McCaffery, Jr., MD; Richard E. Sampliner, MD
2005 Simmy Bank, MD; George F. Longstreth, MD
2006 Alroy A. Chow, MD; Kenneth R. McQuaid, MD
2007 Carla H. Ginsburg, MD; Albert J. Czaja, MD
2008 Charles J. Lightdale, MD, AGAF; Ronald J. Vender, MD, AGAF
2009 Damian H. Augustyn, MD, AGAF; Lin Chang, MD, AGAF; Robert M. Craig, MD; Stephen Goldfinger, MD
2010 David A. Katzka, MD; James F. Martin, MD, AGAF
2011 Ioannis C. Danielides, MD; William J. Tremaine, MD, AGAF
2012 John I. Allen, MD, MBA, AGAF; Timothy T. Nostrant, MD, AGAF
2013 Grace H. Elta, MD, AGAF; Lawrence R. Schiller, MD
2014 Howard L. Taubin, MD; Gary W. Falk, MD, MS, AGAF
2015 William D. Chey, MD, AGAF; Louis Y. Korman, MD
2016 Robert S. Bartolomeo, MD, AGAF; Kim L. Isaacs, MD, PhD, AGAF