Julius Friedenwald Medal


Established in 1941, this recognition prize honors an individual who has contributed significantly to AGA and has made lifelong contributions to the field of gastroenterology. This is the highest honor bestowed upon an AGA member.



The candidate must be a current AGA member. Senior gastroenterologists who have spent most of their careers in gastroenterology, have made contributions to the field and have provided significant service to the AGA are eligible.  

Nomination and Selection

All AGA members are encouraged to submit a nomination for this award. The recipient will be selected by an independent panel of AGA members. Governing board members may not nominate or second an AGA member’s nomination for this award. 


The recipient will receive a $5,000 honorarium, coach travel reimbursement and meals to include a guest, and hotel accommodations for up to two nights. The recipient will also be recognized at Digestive Disease Week®. Additionally, an article highlighting the recipient’s accomplishments will be published in the May issue of Gastroenterology.

Nomination Deadline and Submission

The nomination period for the 2018 award will begin August 1, 2017 and close September 29, 2017.

To submit a nomination, provide a one-page letter of recommendation (multiple signatories allowed) and the curriculum vitae of the nominee. Combine the documents into one PDF file. Title the file by the nominee’s last name and first initial.

The award may be given posthumously, provided that the nomination was made during the lifetime of the recipient. A deceased member can only be nominated in the year of his/her death.

Please forward all questions about this and other AGA recognition awards to 301-222-4012 or via email at awards@gastro.org.


Past Recipients (1941–2016)

2016 C. Richard Boland, MD, AGAF
2015 Robert S. Sandler
2014 Nicholas F. LaRusso
2013 Chung Owyang
2012 Emmet B. Keeffe (Posthumous)
2011 David Peura
2010 Donald O. Castell
2009 Daniel K. Podolsky
2008 Martin Brotman
2007 James W. Freston
2006 Norton J. Greenberger
2005 Ralph A. Giannella
2004 Jon I. Isenberg
2003 Tadataka Yamada
2002 Sidney Cohen
2001 Don W. Powell
2000 Howard M. Spiro
1999 Jerry S. Trier
1998 Eugene D. Jacobson
1997 David H. Alpers
1996 William Silen
1995 John T. Farrar
1994 Alan F. Hofmann
1993 John S. Fordtran
1992 Basil I. Hirschowitz
1991 Cyrus E. Rubin
1990 Rudi Schmid
1989 Marvin H. Sleisenger
1988 Frank P. Brooks
1987 Robert M. Donaldson, Jr.
1986 Fred Kern, Jr.
1985 Kurt J. Isselbacher
1984 Henry D. Janowitz
1983 Gerald Klatskin
1982 Thomas C. Chalmers
1981 Wade Volwiler
1980 Horace W. Davenport
1979 Hugh R. Butt
1978 Morton I. Grossman

1977 Charles J. Best
1976 Thomas P. Almy
1975 Joseph B. Kirsner
1974 Charles F. Code
1973 Leon Schiff
1972 J. Earl Thomas
1971 Hans Popper
1970 Andrew C. Ivey
1969 Franz J. Ingelfinger
1968 Julian M. Ruffin
1967 J. Arnold Bargen
1966 Dwight L. Wilbur
1965 Franklin Hollander
1964 Lester R. Dragstedt
1963 Walter L. Palmar
1962 Henry L. Bockus
1961 Jesse L. Bollman
1960 Chester M. Jones
1959 Russel S. Boles, Sr.
1958 A.H. Aaron
1957 T. Grier Miller
1956 Donald C. Balfour
1955 Frank Charles Mann
1954 Albert F.R. Andressen
1953 Burrill B. Crohn
1952 Sara M. Jordan
1951 Walter C. Alvarez
1950 B.B. Vincent Lyon
1949 Boris B. Babkin
1948 Franklin W. White
1947 George B. Eusterman
1946 Frank H. Lahey
1945 Lewis Gregory Cole
1944 A.J. Carlson
1943 Thomas R. Brown
1942 Max Einhorn
1941 Walter B. Cannon