AGA Academy of Educators Membership Criteria

The AGA Academy of Educators is the home for educators within AGA. See which of your colleagues have already joined the academy on our membership list in AGA Community.


  1. AGA membership
  2. Application form
  3. Letter of recommendation from any person who can attest to a commitment to education and scholarship
  4. Two-page biosketch:
    • Education and training
    • Specific courses in education
    • Teaching contributions (students, residents, fellows, colleagues including seminars, lectures, simulation labs, small group teaching, community activities, etc.)
    • Committee work related to education (local, regional or national)
    • Curriculum development
    • Teaching honors and prizes
    • Publications in print and online emphasizing educational contributions as well as peer-reviewed works
    • Brief narrative of current educational activities and contributions


  • Membership in a community of people with shared interests in education
  • Committee and leadership opportunities
  • Toolbox of educational resources
  • Mentoring/advising
  • Annual DDW plenary session on education and networking reception
  • Recognition of outstanding contributions to education
  • Letter for promotion that documents your AGA contributions
  • Membership certificate

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