Press Release Archive

Legislation Introduced to Guarantee Free Colorectal Cancer Screening for All Medicare Beneficiaries
March 1, 2012

GI Clinician to Lead American Gastroenterological Association
Feb. 6, 2012

Barrett’s Patients Who Smoke Are Twice as Likely to Develop Esophageal Cancer
Jan. 30, 2012

IBD Travelers Are Not at Higher Risk of Contracting Intestinal Infections
Jan. 25, 2012

IBD Emerges As a Global Disease
Jan. 4, 2012

AGA Joins Campaign to Promote Wise Use of Resources Among Physicians and Patients
Dec. 14, 2011

Use of Opioid Pain Killers for Abdominal Pain Has More than Doubled
Dec. 1, 2011

Psychological Factors Affect IBS Patients’ Interpretation of Symptom Severity
Nov. 21, 2011

IBD Patients Face Increased Skin Cancer Risk
Nov. 21, 2011

AGA Launches Initiative to Promote Technology Advances
Oct. 27, 2011

Pain Characteristics Suggest Higher Benefit from Gallbladder Surgery
Oct. 12, 2011

Negative Emotions Influence Brain Activity During Anticipation and Experience of Pain
Sept. 19, 2011

Even Low-Dose Aspirin May Increase Risk of GI Bleeding
Sept. 12, 2011

gMed Users Can Now Submit Data Directly to the AGA Registry
Aug. 16, 2011

Radiofrequency Ablation Safely and Effectively Treats Barrett’s Esophagus
Aug. 11, 2011

AGA Now Offers Direct Data Submission from Electronic Medical Records into Registry
July 29, 2011

High Folate Intake May Reduce Risk of Colorectal Cancer
July 5, 2011

Non-Invasive Liver Tests May Predict Hepatitis C Patient Survival
June 14, 2011

Outstanding High School Students Receive AGA Research Foundation 2011 Student Research Fellowship Awards
June 9, 2011

AGA to Help Members Navigate Changing Health-Care Environment, According to New President
May 10, 2011