AGA Virtual Advocacy Campaign

Why Call?

If Congress doesn't take action, GIs will see major cuts on Jan. 1, 2013.

  • Practice reimbursement will be slashed up to 29 percent. Read More
  • Research funding will be cut by 8 percent. Read More

How to Call

Call 1-855-806-2387 to be routed to your Senators and Representative. Learn more

No Time to Call?

If you don't have time to pick up the phone, you can use the AGA CapWiz system to send an email or letter to your member of Congress.

Battle Over the Fiscal Cliff

Congress is locked in a budget battle of historic proportions. Legislators face a staggering number of fiscal issues — including Medicare physician reimbursement and NIH funding — that both political parties agreed to postpone until a planned post-election lame duck session of Congress. Time is running out, however, and Congress must act soon to avert a serious fiscal crisis.

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Learn More About the Issues

  • Post-Election Lame Duck: What This Will Mean for GI? Hear the latest on hits projected for practice reimbursement, the effect of sequestration on the practice of medicine and quality reporting milestones. Listen Now
  • How will the Fiscal Cliff Impact Research Program? Learn about the effect of sequestration on research funding and the outlook for federal agencies, including NIH, CDC, the Department of Defense, the Veterans’ Administration and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Listen Now