Fellowship to Faculty Transition Awards

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 Two awards are made annualy to advanced fellows/trainees, to provide salary support for additional full-time research training in gastrointestinal, liver function or related diseases.


Eligibility: Advanced Fellows
Amount/year: $40,000
Duration: Two years
Deadline: Aug. 31
Start Date: July 1


This award provides $40,000 per year for two years (total $80,000) to current trainees in gastroenterology related fields so they may gain additional laboratory research training in gastrointestinal, liver function or related diseases.


The objective of the award is to prepare physician-scientists for independent basic science research careers in digestive diseases. The award provides salary support for additional full-time training to acquire modern laboratory skills. The additional two years of research training provided by this award should broaden and expand the scope of investigative tools available to the recipient, generally in basic science disciplines such as cell or molecular biology, genetics, immunology, virology or analogous fields.


  • Candidates for this award must hold an MD or equivalent degree (e.g. MB, ChB, MBBS, DO). Candidates must have completed at least one year of research training in their current laboratory prior to the start of this award. Candidates must have commitment from their home institution for a full-time faculty position at the time they apply for the award. The faculty position commitment, which includes instructor and junior faculty level positions, must be clearly articulated in the division chief or department chair letter (see below).
  • Candidates must be AGA Trainee Members and be sponsored by an AGA Member at the time of application. Please visit www.gastro.org/membership or call 301-654-2055, extension 651, for membership information.
  • Candidates must devote at least 70 percent effort to research related to the gastrointestinal tract or liver. Women and minority investigators are strongly encouraged to apply.


At the time of application submission, candidates may not hold another award with overlapping scientific objectives. If a candidate is granted the award and notified of a comparable award on a similar topic from another agency prior to the first payment of this award, the recipient must select one of the two awards (e.g. the recipient may not retain both awards). If the recipient is notified that a comparable award has been granted after the first payment of this award, the recipient must forfeit the balance of this award.


  • Awards are made for salary support for the recipient. Indirect costs are not allowed. Candidates must demonstrate how they will obtain additional knowledge through the proposed project and how that knowledge may be used in their future research. Upon notification of receipt of this award, the recipient must provide institutional approval from the appropriate committee for use of human subjects or animals. If approval is not necessary, the recipient must provide an explanation.
  • Candidates are required to have a preceptor for the award. A preceptor will supervise the principal investigator’s research activities and will serve as a mentor. Candidates are also required to have a letter from their division chief or department chair stating the institution’s commitment to a faculty position.
  • At the end of the award, the recipient will be required to indicate how the funds were used, the accomplishments made during the project and how the additional training contributed to his/her research career development. A complete financial statement and scientific progress report are required annually and upon completion of the program. Second year funding is contingent upon submission of  the required financial statements and scientific progress reports.
  • Annually, a one-page plain-language summary, a scientific progress report and a financial statement must be submitted by the award recipient by July 30. Second-year funding is contingent upon submission of this documentation. All publications, presentations and abstracts arising from work funded by this program must acknowledge support of the AGA Research Foundation Fellowship-to-Faculty Transition Award.


The recipients will be selected based upon the candidates’ promise for future success, feasibility and significance of the proposal, attributes of the candidates, the record and commitment of the sponsors, and the institutional and laboratory environment.


A selection committee comprised of members of the AGA Research Awards Panel will review the applications and select the award recipient. Award funding will commence July 2013.


The application deadline for this award is Aug. 31. The completed application, letters of support or commitment, and other documents, as applicable, must be combined into and submitted as one PDF document. The document must be titled by the applicant’s last name and first initial only. Hard copies are not excepted. Please e-mail the application document to awards@gastro.org. The applicant's full name and project title are to be included in the submission e-mail. Please direct all questions to the Research Awards Manager via telephone at 301-222-4012 or by e-mail at awards@gastro.org.