AGA Advocates ABIM Improve Maintenance of Certification

AGA recognizes that the new ABIM maintenance of certification process poses significant challenges for already busy gastroenterologists. We are pushing ABIM to make significant improvements to the system. In the meantime, we offer resources to help GIs meet the requirements as they currently stand.


What we have heard AGA members say: What AGA is doing on your behalf:
There is a huge administrative burden to meet the MOC requirements.

ABIM announced that, in states where licensure includes required CME, MOC should count for those and any other quality improvement requirements.

AGA offers MOC for many of our live meetings — including the Clinical Congress, coming up in January.

It costs too much! As a result of advocacy by AGA and others, ABIM is exploring discounts for diplomates who use society-created MOC products and reducing first-time retake fees from $775 to $400 in 2015.
Is the exam really a reflection of my capabilities as a great clinician? We’ve joined with other internal medicine societies to raise this issue with ABIM. As a result, ABIM is looking into modifying the exam.
Too many people are failing! (only 81 percent passed the recertification exam).

The pass rate is a concern. The AGA seeks a role in determining the components of recertification. We will ensure the requirements are a reflection of competent clinical practice.

If you’re taking the exam in the near term, we offer an expanding list of educational resources to help you prepare.

Any diplomate who takes an exam before his/her examination is due and fails will get an additional year to pass before being reported as "not certified" or "not meeting MOC requirements" (assuming all other requirements are met).

The process isn’t educational and doesn’t relate to my practice. The AGA MOC subcommittee is packaging materials for clinicians based on your practice setting. We’re also developing ways to provide personalized education based on your areas targeted for improvement and looking to reduce the burden of the practice improvement module.



AGA remarks at ABIM Internal Medicine Summit (transcript)