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The AGA Institute's GastroSlides, the field’s most extensive collection of GI and liver images, offer you maximum flexibility by allowing you to customize the slides based on your specific needs. Developed by internationally renowned experts, these state-of-the-art slides combine the latest basic and clinical science with stunning artwork and innovative graphics to explain the complex concepts and processes of digestive diseases in presentations and lectures.

With more than 4,000 images in its repository, GastroSlides offers you:

  • The ability to search by keyword or topic to help you quickly and easily locate slides relevant to your needs.
  • The flexibility to prepare new individualized slides using the components of existing images to create customized slides for different lectures.
  • An extensive citation resource that can be used for lectures and serve as a permanent reference tool. 

More than 1,500 GastroSlides images cover liver disease topics such as hepatocelluar carcinoma, autoimmune liver disease, cirrhosis and portal hypertension, NAFLD, and viral hepatitis. GI topics include digestive health and disease in women, GI endoscopic imaging (only available on CD-ROM), pancreatitis, IBD, IBS, Barrett's esophagus, and the genetic and molecular basis of gastrointestinal and liver disease.

Plus, GastroSlides offers affordable pricing options allowing you to buy slides individually as you need them or purchase an annual subscription and have access to the entire GastroSlides library for one year.

View and Order Slides.

Download free GastroSlides images on liver cancer. 

GastroSlides is a continuing education resource directed by the Education and Training Committee of the AGA Institute.

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Functional GI Disorders Computer-Based Learning Program

The “Computer-Based Learning Program”, endorsed by the AGA Institute, brings to life information from the Rome III book, and also updates this information from the recent scientific literature. These state-of-the-art slides include animations and videos, conceptual slides that communicate ideas that may otherwise seem difficult to convey, and key studies from the literature. Notes and legends for every slide give a description of the slide with key references. Specialty modules include Primary Care/Health-Care Extender, IBS, constipation and dyspepsia.

You can order the complete program consisting of all ten modules (more than 750 images) for $500. You may also purchases slides individually. This product is available at

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