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CT Colonography 101: What is CT Colonography?

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  • It stands for computerized tomographic (CT) colonography.
  • CT colonography is a test used to check your colon for colorectal cancer and other health conditions in your gastrointestinal GI tract.
  • It is sometimes called a virtual colonoscopy (but it is not the same thing as a standard colonoscopy).
  • This test will look at your colon and rectum using a special machine (CT scanner) to take pictures of the colon. 
  • You do not need to be put to sleep for this test.
  • With CT colonography, your doctor can look at your colon from many different angles.
  • You will need to clean out your colon before the test, just like for a colonoscopy.
  • If a polyp is found during this test, you will need to have colonoscopy so it can be removed.
    • A polyp is a mushroom-like growth on the inside wall of the colon or rectum. 
  • CT colonography can be performed in many different settings, such as an outpatient office, X-ray center or hospital. 
  • If CT colonography is used to test for colon cancer, it should be done every five years, if you are at normal risk.



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