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CT Colonography 106: Safety

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Safety/Adverse Reactions of a CT Colonography

There are few risks with CT colonography, but be sure to talk to your doctor about risks specific to you. 

Some may be:

  • You will be exposed to a small amount of radiation from the X-ray images.
  • You could have reactions to the medicines and preparation used to get you ready for the test, such as:
    • Upset stomach.
    • Throwing up.
    • Swelling of the belly.
    • Rectal irritation.

If you are having pain after your CT colonography that doesn’t go away, call your doctor.

CT Colonography – What to Know:
  • CT colonography is a test to look at your colon and rectum. It can be used to check for colon cancer.
  • You are not put to sleep for CT colonography.
  • Like a colonoscopy, you will need to clean out your colon before the test.
  • If a polyp or abnormality is found in your CT colonography, you will likely need a colonoscopy to remove it.


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