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Upper GI Endoscopy 106: Safety

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Safety/Adverse Reactions to an Upper GI Endoscopy


Doctors have been doing upper GI endoscopy tests for many years and have shown that it is a safe test. Issues from the test almost never happen.

If issues do happen, they might be:

  • A hole in the intestinal wall (this could need to be fixed through surgery).
  • Bleeding.
  • A bad reaction to the medicine you are given during the test to help you relax.

You will be given instructions when you leave after your endoscopy. If you have concerns, new pains or problems after you have left, please call your doctor’s office right away to get help and instructions.

Upper GI Endoscopy What to Know:

  • An upper GI endoscopy is a test to look at your esophagus (tube that links your mouth and stomach), stomach and small intestine.
  • This test can help find the cause of certain GI health issues.
  • An upper GI endoscopy can also help treat some health issues.
  • You will be given medicine to block pain and make you feel sleepy, so you won’t feel much during the test.


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