Joint Commission Modifies Deemed Status Process for ASCs

July 06, 2010

The Joint Commission has added some new requirements and an additional survey day for larger facilities to its CMS ambulatory surgery center (ASC) deemed status process.

The changes were made to accommodate the new conditions for coverage and interpretive guidelines that CMS issued for ASCs last year. Changes to the commission's deemed status survey process for ASCs include:

  • Additional reviews of credential files for physicians and personnel files for licensed non-physician practitioners.
  • Completion of the CMS infection control worksheet.
  • Review of closed medical records.
  • Observation of one full surgery or procedure.
  • Addition of one survey day for ASCs that perform more than 600 cases annually.

The Joint Commission conducted pilot surveys and participated in CMS surveyor training last year to come up with a process that would comply with CMS' new directives without disrupting the commission's patient tracer approach to ASC observations.

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