2010 Dates for GI Coding Exam & Two-Day In-Depth Training

June 08, 2010

The AGA has partnered with the Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialists (PAHCS) to provide a certification program for GI coders. This program is attached to a series of in-depth, two-day training courses provided by McVey Associates, Inc. and reviews the latest coding guidelines for GI practice. Upon successful completion of the exam, participants are jointly certified by the AGA Institute and PAHCS. Registrants may participate in the course only (and not take the exam).

“For the practice, a certified GI coder ensures a high level of competency in GI coding. For the coder, certification acknowledges that you possess specific skills that set you apart as a professional, dedicated to both your employer and your profession,” said Cecile M. Katzoff, MGA, CGCS, director of the AGA Center for Practice Management.

Program dates and locations are as follows:


Course Dates

Exam Date

Nashville, TN

June 17 & 18

June 19

LaGuardia, NY

July 14 & 15

July 16

Branson, MO

Aug. 4 & 5

Aug. 6

Baltimore, MD

Aug. 18 & 19

Aug. 20

Atlanta, GA

Sept. 15 & 16

Sept. 17

Las Vegas, NV

Oct. 6 & 7

Oct. 8

To qualify to sit for the exam, applicants must have a specific level of education and experience, including:

  • Active employment as a health-care coder for a minimum of two years.
  • Formal education in courses pertinent to health-care coding that can be fulfilled by attending the McVey seminars.
  • Two professional references.

Coders may attend the training sessions even if they have not yet qualified to sit for the exam. The course provides a strong foundation for gastroenterology coding and billing.

Retention of certification requires 24 hours of continuing education units every two years, which can be accumulated by attending AGA Institute and McVey programs, as well as other programs focusing on coding.

Visit our GI coding certification Web site for more information and to register.

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