Course Provides NPs & PAs with Intense GI Training

April 27, 2010

The number of nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) working in GI practices has grown in recent years, but their role is still evolving. Common stumbling blocks that GI practices face in integrating NPs/PAs into the practice include a lack of physician awareness about the level of training or certification of NPs/PAs, the scope of care they should assume and finding the right physician-to-NP/PA ratio. Having properly trained NPs and PAs in the field of gastroenterology is crucial in overcoming these challenges and in improving access to GI care.

In an effort to provide GI NPs/PAs with GI-specific education and training, the AGA Institute is offering a one-of-a-kind course, Principles of Gastroenterology for the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant. New and experienced providers are encouraged to attend for three days of intense instruction and networking opportunities. This year’s course will be held Aug. 2 to 4 in San Francisco, CA.

The program includes sessions on popular topics such as IBD and GERD as well as:

  • How to thoroughly understand the pathology report to better treat and manage patients.
  • Coding and billing updates for 2010.
  • Using quality outcomes to demonstrate value as part of your practice’s clinical care team.
  • Understanding how new technologies might impact the delivery of care.

The course also provides a forum for NPs and PAs from across the country to come together and network with more than 100 of their colleagues. This will help them to expand their professional network and exchange ideas with colleagues who work in a variety of practice settings.

The pre-registration deadline is July 27. Online registration and program details are available at

Encourage your NP/PA to become an AGA member prior to registering for the course and take advantage of the $200 savings instantly! This savings alone almost pays for the cost of membership ($215). For more information about AGA membership, visit

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