AGA Quarterly: Practice to AGA Quarterly: Practice, a newsletter focused on issues affecting GI practice managers, billers and coders, physicians and other health-care personnel. The newsletter is dedicated to issues considered and addressed by the AGA Institute Practice Management and Economics Committee. The practice goal of the AGA strategic plan establishes mechanisms to provide members with resources, tools and skills to enhance practice and provide quality patient care. This newsletter is developed in accordance with this goal and provides the GI practice team with timely information on a range of issues.

The topics covered in AGA Quarterly: Practice focus on three main areas: practice management; billing, coding and reimbursement; and the effect of policy initiatives on GI practice. As federal and state reforms continue to be implemented and the health-care environment continues to change, the AGA is targeting relevant news to those of you involved in the business and administrative aspects of running a GI practice. You will find informational and educational articles on management best practices, correct coding and billing for procedures and visits, new therapies, and regulatory requirements.

The AGA continues to support the team of individuals that work together to provide excellent patient care and manage the GI practice. We hope you find the information in AGA Quarterly: Practice to be useful and applicable to your daily professional activities. If you have any comments, please contact Leslie Narramore by email.