AGA Helps You Manage Your HCV Patient Population

May 02, 2013

Are you treating more and more hepatitis C patients? It’s not surprising given that three to four million people in the U.S. have HCV, and the CDC now recommends that all baby boomers get tested. To assist your practice in improving care of this growing population, the AGA has created an HCV clinical service line (CSL).

The HCV CSL is the only collection of resources of its kind that offers, in one place, guidelines, measures, payment and reimbursement information, and educational materials for you and your patients. By offering these resources, AGA hopes to help you create a “how to” manual for HCV population management for your practice.

View the HCV CSL.

Review AGA’s other clinical service lines for IBD and CRC.

With the creation of AGA’s clinical service lines, we hope to help you create a strategic plan that includes the capabilities to be more efficient, understand quality standards, receive appropriate reimbursements and improve the process of care for your patients.

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