AGA Releases List of Excellent IBD Doctors

September 05, 2013

AGA is proud to announce the first clinicians to receive recognition in the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute’s (HCI3) AGA Bridges to Excellence (BTE) IBD Care Recognition program:

Mark J. Allen, MD, Kansas City, MO Seth Kaplan, MD, Raleigh, NC
Charles Barish, MD, Raleigh, NC Nirmal Kaur, MD, Novi, MI
Brian W. Behm, MD, Charlottesville, VA Matthew T. Nichols, MD, Lone Tree, CO
Jennifer M. Choi, MD, Los Angeles, CA Janine Purcell, CNP, Rapid City, SD
Nicholas V. Costrini, MD, Richmond Hill, GA Bruce A. Salzberg, MD, Atlanta, GA
Bulent Ender, MD, Raleigh, NC Shahriar Sedghi, MD, Macon, GA
Marc A. Herschelman, MD, Raleigh, NC Ira Shafran, MD, Winter Park, FL
Jeffrey S. Hyams, MD, Hartford, CT Emmanuelle Williams, MD, Hershey, PA
Michael B. Jones, MD, Omaha, NE Edward Tze Wong, MD, Lancaster, CA

The AGA BTE IBD Care Recognition Program is designed to recognize and reward clinicians who demonstrate outstanding IBD patient care. BTE measures the quality of care delivered in practices and rewards those clinicians who meet performance standards with multiple benefits.

BTE has recognized 18 clinicians in IBD care so far. Bruce Salzberg was the first to achieve AGA BTE IBD Recognition.  

“I am honored to have received the acknowledgment of the AGA for my efforts in providing the best quality of care for my IBD patients. I take great pride in caring for these individuals and will continue to strive to maintain this level of care for the future. This recognition is a great step forward by our national organization in ensuring that IBD patients have access to state-of-the-art therapy.” – Dr. Bruce A. Salzberg, Atlanta Gastroenterology Specialists, Georgia

You too can participate in Bridges to Excellence through the AGA Digestive Health Recognition Program™ (DHRP). The DHRP was designed by AGA in conjunction with the HCI3 to provide quality reporting familiar to payors. AGA has the only BTE program for gastroenterology. Applicants who achieve BTE recognition may be eligible to earn a fixed annual bonus payment for each patient, preferred network tiering and fee schedule increases. Contact your health plans to determine your eligibility. The status is valid for one year from recognition date.

In addition to BTE recognition, the DHRP offers eligible physicians the ability to qualify for CMS Physician Quality Reporting System incentives and avoid penalties, as well as complete ABIM maintenance of certification requirements.

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