Four Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

August 22, 2013

There are both dangers and opportunities in social media connectivity, according to the August Practice Management column in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. GIs need to be cognizant of the permanence of social media and the power it can have over their professional and practice’s reputation.

In this article, “Internet Liability for Gastroenterologists: Select Issues from Social Networking to Doctor Rating Sites,” Andrew D. Feld, MD, JD, and colleagues provide practical advice on four ways to safeguard your online reputation:

  1. Take control of online content: ask for patient testimonials, ensure top search results provide practice information, periodically search for professional profiles, and separate public and private profiles.
  2. Keep abreast of your legal and ethical obligations.
  3. Review ratings sites and keep your profile updated.
  4. Ensure patient privacy and confidentially when sending text messages.

You need to remain vigilant in monitoring all aspects of your online reputation. Read more.

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