Maximize Reimbursements and Easily Transition to ICD-10

January 18, 2013

Provide your practice with the most authoritative Web-based coding tool imaginable. AGA, Ask Mueller Consulting, LLC, and Medical Code Solutions just launched the new GI Coding Advisor this week. As coding becomes more challenging and critical to the success of medical practice operations, providers need easy access to the most current and authoritative information available. Designed and regularly updated by the AGA’s coding and billing specialist Kathleen Mueller, this online coding tool, created specifically for GI practices, will help practices improve their bottom lines.

I really can't say enough about Coding Advisor, between Kathy’s advice and the claim scrubbing function it saves me SO much time, the code look up tool is so fast and it is so reasonably priced, I just love it. —Lynn Robbins, RN CPC

These are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Easily identify missed billing opportunities by using Kathy’s expert advice associated to your GI codes.
  • Customize your coding for local/regional/state and national regulations with instant access to NCDs and LCDs.
  • Avoid costly denials as you tap into a vast database that explains how to properly code your diagnoses and procedures.
  • Protect your practice's profits by using Kathy’s documentation tips that help bullet-proof you and dodge auditing flags.
  • Get ready for ICD-10 implementation by using the GI Coding Advisor ICD-10 translator.

AGA members save 15 percent. Act now and take advantage of introductory prices from now until Feb. 1, 2013. To receive a free 14-day subscription, register for the online demo. Visit

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