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April 04, 2013

Peter DelaneyYour AGA Research Foundation gifts support Peter G. Delaney from University School, who received the 2012 AGA-Eli and Edythe Broad Student Research Fellowship.

"I am extremely grateful to the AGA for awarding me the 2012 Eli and Edythe Broad Student Research Fellowship Award. While working this past summer in the lab of Dr. Theresa Pizarro in the department of pathology at Case Western Reserve University, I developed a love for the deductive nature and experimentation of scientific research. I gained a lot of lab experience with techniques such as cell culture and flow cytometry and am now ready to pursue more in-depth research. I am excited to expand upon my research and knowledge of IBD with the funding this grant will provide." 

"In the next phase of my research, I plan to further investigate the connection between IL-33, IL-17 and IBD. IL-33 and its receptor, ST2, are new members of the IL-1 family. IL-33 is increased in several different inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, including IBD. Although an association between IL-33 and IBD has been established, the precise relevance of this association is not yet discovered. My hypothesis is that IL-33 serves as an early, primary mediator of IL-17-dependent/Th17 immune responses leading to chronic intestinal inflammation. This hypothesis will be tested by trying to identify the primary source of IL-17 induced by IL-33 in IBD patients and in a model of intestinal inflammation, and then to evaluate the effect of neutralizing IL-33 on Th17 and IL-17-producing immune-cell populations in experimental ileitis. The overall goal is to evaluate whether IL-33 may be an important mediator in IL-17 immune responses, and if it may offer new ways to treat IBD patients."

"I am very excited to further my understanding of this area of science. I very much enjoy these studies and realize I am lucky to have this opportunity."

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