AGA Lays Groundwork for Expanding Choosing Wisely® Quality Program

March 14, 2013

One year ago, AGA and eight influential specialty societies committed to quality care launched the Choosing Wisely® campaign by releasing lists of “Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question.” Since launch, more than 55 peer-reviewed journal articles have been published about the campaign’s quality recommendations and media stories have reached millions of patients. AGA is proud that we helped the ABIM Foundation launch this important campaign, which has recently grown as 16 additional specialty societies released their Choosing Wisely lists.

AGA continues to build resources to support your work: 

“We recognize that patients often ask for tests and treatments that are not necessarily in their best interest, and physicians often struggle with decisions about prescribing tests and procedures as a way of covering all possible bases. However, in many cases, more care is not always higher quality care,” says Lawrence Kosinski, MD, chair of the AGA Institute Practice Management and Economics Committee. “The evidence is overwhelming that our extraordinary level of health-care spending is not delivering on either quality or value, and we are committed to playing a constructive role in addressing health-care costs.”

AGA is interested in hearing from you. Has the campaign affected the way you practice? Are you having more conversations with your patients about avoiding unnecessary care? What is working well, and what — if anything — is proving to be more challenging? Please share your story.

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