AGA Quarterly: Quality to AGA Quarterly: Quality, a newsletter focused on the increasing need for practices to identify, assess and document quality, and to acquire resources to achieve these goals. The AGA Institute Clinical Practice and Quality Management Committee actively monitors and addresses these issues. The practice goal of the AGA strategic plan establishes mechanisms to provide members with resources, tools and skills to enhance practice and provide quality patient care. This newsletter focuses on this goal and provides the GI practice team with timely information.

The topics covered in AGA Quarterly: Quality focus on three main areas: quality management, patient safety and related resources. As the science of gastroenterology evolves and federal and state reforms continue to be implemented, the AGA is targeting clinically relevant information and resources for your practice. Information and resources for gastroenterology practices related to delivering high-quality, safe and efficient care are provided. Although the intended audience is gastroenterology clinicians, nurses and practice administrators, we hope you will share what you learn here with all your colleagues, as we all are responsible for improving the quality of care our patients receive.

The AGA continues to support the team of individuals that work together to provide excellent patient care and manage the GI practice. We hope you find the information in AGA Quarterly: Quality to be useful and applicable to your daily professional activities.