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2015 James W. Freston Conference: A Look at Session Two — Genetics

April 2, 2015

We continue our preview of the 2015 James W. Freston Conference, which focuses on IBS. In this article we’ll provide details on session two — examining the disorder at the genetic level.

The 2015 James W. Freston Conference, taking place Aug. 29 and 30, 2015, will explore recent studies on diagnosing and treating IBS. Over a series of eDigest articles, sessions from the conference will be highlighted to provide you with insight on what to expect when you attend. In the first installment, we previewed session one of the conference. This week we’ll take a look at session two.

Genetics: Where Are We and Where Might We Go?
Session two expands on better understanding and managing IBS by examining the disorder at the genetic level. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain greater insight on ways genes and environment interact to result in IBS susceptibility. A few of the topics explored in session two include:

  • How genetic risk spans from complex polygenic conditioins to cases with rare single gene abnormalities, revealing IBS is likely not a single entity.
  • How population-based approaches to genome-wide association studies are being used for gene-hunting in IBS.
  • Using personal genomics and other genomes to predict, guide and manage disease.

The scheduled keynote luncheon, presented by Frank A. Hamilton, MD, MPH, AGAF, will also examine how collaboration between the research community and organizations such as NIH are helping to build a viable research network for IBS.

The series will continue with details on session three in the April 16 issue of AGA eDigest. View the program in its entirety and register at www.gastro.org/frestonibs.

Funded by the Takeda Endowment in support of the James W. Freston Single Topic Conference.

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