2015-08-05 12:12:41 UTC

AGA Takes Colonoscopy Cuts Poll Results to CMS

Aug. 5, 2015

Colonoscopy procedures will be impacted by proposed CMS payment cuts.

CMS heard your voice. More than 550 members participated in our poll on colonoscopy pay cuts and the results were presented to CMS by the GI societies during our recent meeting. The message to CMS was clear — cuts of up to 20 percent to colonoscopy procedures will impact access and threaten to reverse the progress we’ve made in CRC prevention over the past 20 years. 

  • Over half of the respondents plan to limit new Medicare patients if the proposed cuts are implemented.
  • 43 percent plan to refer patients to the hospital for colonoscopy.
  • 55 percent plan to limit procedures to Medicare patients.
  • 15 percent are considering opting out of Medicare entirely. 

Thank you for participating in the poll. However, we still need your help. In the coming weeks, we will issue “calls to action” with more information about how you can get involved using letters, emails and phone calls to CMS and congressional lawmakers. 

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