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Special Issue of Gastro Covers Full Range of Functional GI Disorders

May 3, 2016

This collaboration between Gastro and the Rome Foundation offers a series of reviews on functional GI disorders, which set the scene for Rome IV.

Ten years after Gastroenterology introduced Rome III, the journal is pleased to bring you a special issue dedicated to Rome IV. This special issue highlights the marked expansion of scientific understanding of functional GI disorders since publication of Rome III, which have led to improved treatments for our patients.

Functional GI disorders — defined as disorders of gut-brain interaction — have only in the last several decades been studied scientifically. Studies have advanced physicians’ ability to categorize and treat these disorders and have contributed to the growing field of neurogastroenterology.

Review the special issue of Gastroenterology, which starts with an overview by Douglas A. Drossman, MD, AGAF, and goes on to include 17 reviews offering a general approach to the care of patients with functional GI disorders ranging from mild to severe. These reviews set the stage for detailed information and illustrations that will be released later this month in Rome IV.

Rome IV is now available for pre-order — AGA members receive a free one-month subscription of Rome online with any purchase of a book or online subscription valued at $50 or more. 

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