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2017 AGA Postgraduate Course Features 29 Breakout Sessions

Feb. 16, 2017

Step beyond basic learning in six general sessions, plus your choice of one luncheon breakout and one case-based session.

When you register for the 2017 AGA Postgraduate Course: The Full Scope of GI Advances you don’t only get to attend six general sessions, but you can also choose one luncheon breakout and one case-based session.

The focused, small-group sessions listed below allow you to delve deeper into specific clinical topics and provide direct access to internationally renowned faculty. 

The 2017 course is set for May 6 and 7, 2017, in conjunction with Digestive Disease Week® (DDW). This 1.5-day course is designed to help you step beyond basic learning and get the full scope of GI advances. You will measure, learn and apply newest advances that will help you make confident decisions for your patients.

View the full agenda on the AGA website along with key highlights, videos from course directors and much more. Compared to other GI postgraduate courses, AGA’s is the most cost-effective. Register by March 22 to get early bird pricing — a $75 discount for all registration categories.

If you are already registered, but would like to add this course, simply log in to the DDW Registration Resource Center to update.


  Luncheon Breakouts
L101 Approach to an Incidental Liver Lesion
L102 Approach to a Pancreatic Cyst
L103 Barrett’s Dysplasia: The Role of EMR, Ablation and Surgery
L104 Health-Care Disparities in Gastroenterology: Closing the Gap
L105 Caring for the Geriatric Patient with GI Disorders
L106 Quality Improvement in Endoscopy
L107 Health-Care Advocacy and Legislative Changes
L108 Gastroparesis
L109 Mobility Testing
L110 Pregnancy and IBD
L111 New Therapies in Liver Disease
L112 Genetics of Colon Cancer
L113 Transitioning the Child with Chronic Gastrointestinal Disease to the Adult Gastroenterologist
L114 GI Neoplasia: Advances in Detection and Treatment
L115 Sex-Based Differences in GI Disorders


  Case-Based Sessions
C101 21 y/o College Student Returning from Spring Break with Traveler’s Diarrhea
C102 26 y/o Law Student Just Diagnosed with Achalasia … How do You Get Him through Exams?
C103 32 y/o Woman s/p Liver Transplant Who Wants to Get Pregnant
C104 56 y/o with Third Episode of C. diff
C105 66 y/o s/p Surgery on Opioids with Constipation
C106 55 y/o with Obscure GI Bleeding
C107 50 y/o Refusing Colonoscopy for Screening: What are Your Options?
C108 48 y/o Seeking Bariatric Intervention: The Role of Endoscopy
C109 35 y/o with HCV: Choosing the Right Therapy
C110 25 y/o Crohn’s Patient Who Has Failed All FDA-Approved Therapies: Assessment and Therapeutic Options
C111 42 y/o Media Consultant with Severe IBS
C112 37 y/o with New Dysphagia
C113 Techniques to Enhance Imaging of Upper GI Tract Lesions
C114 42 y/o with Abnormal LFTs


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