2018-03-26 12:57:44 UTC

A rare but curable cause of iron deficiency anemia

April 5, 2018

What caused a patient to have a hemoglobin level between 5–6 g/dL despite iron supplementation?

Gastroenterology clinical image challenge: An 80-year-old man was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia years ago. His hemoglobin level was around 5–6 g/dL despite iron supplementation. There was no history of fever, diarrhea or weight loss. Stool occult blood was checked with a positive result, and upper endoscopy was arranged. Several mobile worms were found in the stomach and duodenum. The worms appeared reddish due to blood consumption. After being grasped by ordinary biopsy forceps, they became semitransparent (Figure).

What is the diagnosis?

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