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AGA Supports Cancer Moonshot Initiative

Feb. 11, 2016

The initiative is included in Obama's 2017 budget proposal, along with other research funding.

AGA joined more than 185 organizations in sending a thank you letter to Vice President Joe Biden for his leadership in launching the Cancer Moonshot Initiative to accelerate our nation’s effort to improve research, treatment and care for cancer.

The Association of American Cancer Institutes coordinated the effort, which demonstrates the widespread support and excitement for the administration’s commitment to cancer research. It also highlights the need to coordinate efforts both in the public and private sector to find better treatments and eventually cures for cancer. 

More Money for Research
This news comes as President Obama unveiled his fiscal year 2017 budget proposal, which includes $1 billion for the cancer initiative, as well as funding for other research priorities. It provides $33.1 billion to support biomedical research at NIH, providing about 10,000 new NIH grants that will help us better understand the fundamental causes and mechanisms of disease. 

It also provides HHS a total of $309 million to continue scaling up the Precision Medicine Initiative to support development of a research cohort of a million or more individuals to gather data on the interplay of environmental exposures, physical parameters and genetic information. An increase of $24 million for health services research at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has been included to further develop evidence that reforming delivery system requires an evidence base of effective practices and an additional $9 million for a new project to better coordinate care for patients with multiple chronic conditions. 

AGA will continue to provide analysis on the president's proposal and its impact on gastroenterology, research and more.

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