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Update on ABIM’s Changes to MOC

April 12, 2017

AGA remains committed to the principle that recertification should be less burdensome.

AGA staff and physician leaders attended the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM)’s Internal Medicine Summit on April 7 in Philadelphia. ABIM shared an overview of the newly released Two-Year Knowledge Check-In program. The new program is being offered as an option for those recertifying in gastroenterology beginning in 2019. Diplomates scheduled to recertify in 2017 or 2018 must take the 10-year long-form exam.

AGA believes ABIM heard feedback from diplomates and the new release is a step toward a less burdensome and more meaningful recertification process. AGA is establishing a task force to conduct a review of the two-year knowledge check-in against the AGA’s Principles for MOC Reform. AGA will work with our GI sister societies to ensure that however we proceed is best for GIs and the field.

Of note regarding the two-year knowledge check-in:

  • In the pilot year (2018), a failed exam will be non-punitive. On behalf of AGA members, we strongly encouraged ABIM to extend the first-year failed exam exemption for each of the subsequent specialty area rollouts.
  • ABIM’s vision is the diplomates will not be able to easily jump between the two-year and 10-year paths. Test takers are intended to choose one path and move forward under that structure.
  • The fee structure for the new assessment model will be released in fall 2017.
  • Both the two-year and the 10-year options will become “open book” with resources identified by the ABIM. The open book model makes it imperative for test takers to focus on time management during the exam.

In its first release, the two-year modules will still cover the breadth of the medical specialty. But ABIM hopes to work toward an option for topic-specific modules, selected by the test-taker, as recommended by the AGA. Specifics for this program are not yet worked out and will rely on the specialty boards to determine what core body of knowledge is required in each area of specialization.

ABIM also shared that the “Part 4,” practice assessment requirements, will be shared no later than the end of 2017. AGA remains committed to the principle that recertification should be less burdensome and will object to new requirements beyond what physicians already do in the course of regular practice.

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