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Colonoscopy Cost Measure to be Tested for MIPS

Oct. 4, 2017

Prepare now to share your thoughts on the value of the measure with CMS.

Beginning Oct. 16, CMS and its contractor, Acumen, LLC, will be field testing a new screening/surveillance colonoscopy cost measure for use in the cost performance category of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). The measure, which was developed with input from AGA and other clinician groups, including ACG and ASGE, will be tested through Nov. 15, 2017.
To take advantage of this opportunity, you must have an Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) account and have access to the “Physician Quality and Value Programs” role. [Note: cost measure test reports are separate from Quality and Resource Use Reports (QRURs).] Under MIPS, there are four performance categories — quality, advancing care information (EHR meaningful use), improvement activities and cost. Starting in 2019, the cost performance category will make up 30 percent of a physician’s score under MIPS.
During field testing, clinicians and clinician groups who perform at least 10 screening or surveillance colonoscopies on Medicare patients will have the opportunity to view a confidential report with information about their cost measure performance. We expect that these reports will be available to many AGA members, providing an opportunity for gastroenterologists to share meaningful feedback on the measure and measure report. Feedback will be used to inform potential measure refinements. 
Register now to be prepared.
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  • If you do not already have an EIDM account, you can set one up and get access to the “Physician Quality and Value Programs” role in preparation for accessing your field test report by using this guide
  • If you may already have an existing EIDM account, but you aren’t sure, you can check whether your account is still active in preparation for accessing your field test report by attempting to log in. You may also contact QualityNet Helpdesk at 1-866-288-8912/ TTY: 1-877-715-6222 to unlock it.  
  • If you already have an active EIDM account but need access to a “Physician Quality and Value Programs” role, please do so by using this guide.
  • If you already have an active EIDM account and have access to a “Physician Quality and Value Programs” role, you should be able to access your field test report by logging into the EIDM portal.

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