2017-01-02 21:18:52 UTC

Duijser Receives 2016 Student Research Award

Jan. 2, 2017

High school student Jacob Duijser discussed how the AGA-Broad research award will impact his future career.

Jacob Duijser, a high school student at the University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio, is the recipient of the 2016 AGA-Eli and Edythe Broad Student Research Fellowship Award. We interviewed him after he won the award last year and asked about how the award will impact his future career and goals.

What does receiving this award mean to you?
“I believe an award like this is a stepping stone for my future medical career, as I will have the opportunity to explore a field I am passionate about, crossing boundaries that could have never been passed before. It will grant me exposure to great medical minds that will be able to teach me all the tools that an aspiring medical researcher would need to know.”

What does this award mean for your future research career?
“This summer I [was able] to not only extend my knowledge, but also learn a way of dedication and working that is unparalleled in any other career path. I believe this opportunity is something that will not go unnoticed in the future, as many medical institutions will notice the leverage that I have gained, and will open doors for me to learn even more.”

Learn more about the 2016 AGA-Eli and Edythe Broad Student Research Fellowship Award on the AGA Research Foundation page.