2017-06-14 15:41:18 UTC

Gastroenterology Achieves Record-High Impact Factor, CGH Remains Strong

June 14, 2017

Gastroenterology remains #1 in the field, while CGH remains strong at number 8.

AGA is proud to announce that Gastroenterology has achieved its highest Impact Factor ever and Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH) remains strong, according to Clarivate Analytics’ 2016 Journal Citation Report™. The Impact Factor uses the number of citations that articles receive to determine a journal’s importance and influence, and is widely regarded as the leading measure of success in scientific publishing.

Gastroenterology remains highest-ranked among 79 journals in the category of gastroenterology and hepatology with a score of 18.392. “We are ecstatic that the Impact Factor for Gastroenterology continues to rise to unprecedented heights, making it the preeminent journal for basic, translational and clinical research in our field,” said Richard M. Peek, Jr., MD, AGAF, editor-in-chief of Gastroenterology. “This is a direct result of the outstanding work and effort put forth by the previous board of editors under the leadership of Dr. Bishr Omary. Deputy Editor-in-Chief Douglas Corley and I, with the support of our board of editors, will strive to build upon these successes as we move towards our goal to maintain Gastroenterology as a beacon to attract exceptional scientific work.”

CGH ranks eighth among gastroenterology and hepatology journals with a score of 7.398. Hashem B. El-Serag, MD, MPH, outgoing editor-in-chief of CGH, said “We are pleased that CGH remains in a strong position in the top 10 GI journals in terms of Impact Factor, but also in terms of readership choice for obtaining clinical information. I am confident that the new board of editors, led by Dr. Fasiha Kanwal, will continue this success.”

AGA congratulates and thanks the boards of both Gastroenterology and CGH for their editorial leadership and attaining these excellent results.