2017-08-10 12:59:15 UTC

Microbiome Research Pioneers

Aug. 10, 2017

Rob Knight (pictured), Jeffrey Gordon and Norman Pace honored with the 2017 Massry Prize for their outstanding contributions to microbiome research.

We now know that the trillions of microbes living with us are critical contributors to human and environmental health. We can thank, in part, these three microbiome research pioneers, who have been recognized with the 2017 Massry Prize for their extraordinary work in this field: Rob Knight, PhD, University of California San Diego, Jeffrey Gordon, MD, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and Norman Pace, PhD, University of Colorado Boulder.

Dr. Knight, a current scientific advisory board member for the AGA Center for Gut Microbiome Research and Education, spends his time researching the human microbiome’s relationship with many human diseases and mental illnesses, spatial and temporal mapping of microbial communities on different scales and developing new data visualization methods and software tools that help resolve the challenges of microbial "Big Data." Dr. Knight is co-founder of the American Gut Project, the world's largest crowdsourced citizen science effort. Dr. Knight recently shared some findings from an American Gut Project analyzing AGA members’ stool samples in AGA Perspectives.

Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, recognized for his discoveries linking the human gut microbiome to obesity and malnutrition, was an original scientific advisory board member for the AGA Center for Gut Microbiome Research and Education when it launched in 2012.

Congrats to all three researchers who are working tirelessly to advance this field of research and develop methods for manipulating microbiomes for the benefit of human and environmental health.

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