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New Gastro Special Issue on IBD

Jan. 11, 2017

This supplement includes commentaries from leading experts in the field on innovations and changing paradigms in IBD.

The new Gastroenterology supplement, Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2017: Innovations and Changing Paradigms, is now available. This issue is for the growing number of clinicians and basic scientists with an interest in IBD around the world. These articles will serve as a valuable update for those who are experts in the field, a user-friendly update for those who follow the IBD literature more casually, and a trigger to prompt discussion about the origins and therapies of IBD for everyone who reads Gastroenterology.

Articles in this special issue include:


Epidemiological Overview of IBD

Cutting-Edge Translational Research in IBD

Progress in the Management and Treatment of IBD

Frequently Asked Questions from IBD Patients

Historical Perspective of Dysplasia in IBD

Pregnancy and IBD

Looking for more IBD resources? Visit the AGA PatientINFO Center for downloadable info sheets for your IBD patients.

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FUSE Outperforms Forward-viewing Colonoscopy in Detecting Dysplasia in Patients With IBD

May 23, 2017

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Two New Strategies Emerging to Treat GI Cancers

May 22, 2017

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