2017-05-18 01:31:39 UTC

New Guideline Covers Elastography in Liver Fibrosis

May 18, 2017

View the latest clinical practice guideline and then test your knowledge on the role of elastography in the evaluation of liver fibrosis.

AGA released a clinical practice guideline on the role of elastography in the evaluation of liver fibrosis in the May issue of Gastroenterology, which may facilitate effective shared decision making with patients who desire liver fibrosis assessment. The evidence-based recommendations address focused clinical questions to provide guidance on the role of liver elastography in the evaluation of liver fibrosis using either vibration-controlled transient elastography or magnetic resonance elastography in patients with chronic liver disease.

Along with the clinical guideline and technical review in Gastroenterology, Andrew Muir, MD, MHS, AGAF, technical review author, and Joseph Lim, MD, AGAF, guideline author, posed a practice quiz question in the AGA Community to help practitioners apply the guideline to their practice.

The quiz will close Friday, May 19 at noon, after Drs. Muir and Lim present the correct answer and explanation. Questions can be posted based on the quiz or the clinical guideline for our experts to answer.

Learn more and view previous guideline and clinical practice update quizzes at Community.Gastro.org/GuidelineCPU.