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News Worth Retweeting

Feb. 2, 2012

Take a look at some of our popular tweets from last week. Feel free to share your favorites.

Here are some of our popular news items on Twitter from last week:

  • CDC says cancer screening rates fall short of goals: ow.ly/8J6T5.
  • AGA Continues to Advocate for Fair, Equitable Reimbursement: ow.ly/8HBdE.
  • What is the association between #celiac disease & GI cancer? Find out in today's post from The AGA Journals Blog. ow.ly/8EkBC.
  • A look at the trends and implications of anesthesiologist involvement in screening colonoscopy. CGH: ow.ly/8DaaW.
  • Feb. Editor's Essential Reading takes a look at the factors that relate to fatigue in patients w/ cirrhosis. CGH: ow.ly/8IHrr.

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Increased cow's milk antibody titers before the appearance of anti-TG2A and celiac disease indicates that subjects with celiac disease might have increased intestinal permeability in early life.