2016-11-28 21:48:11 UTC

AGA Patient INFO Center Now Offers gMed Instructions

Nov. 29, 2016

Instructions to load AGA patient education material into gMed are now available for members.

The Patient INFO Center, AGA’s digital library of patient education, continues to grow and expand. As new topics and educational resources are added, there are also opportunities to enhance the experience of using the library to better connect with patients.

In addition to electronic health record systems Athena, Cerner and EPIC, you can now integrate AGA's patient education materials into gMed .Based on member feedback and popular demand, AGA created instructions with gMed consultants and tested them with members to ensure accuracy and ease of use.

Check out the newly added gMed instructions and everything else the Patient INFO Center has to offer.

Have thoughts on the Patient INFO Center? We always welcome feedback.


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