2017-02-08 17:01:38 UTC

Postgraduate Course Questions Needed

Feb. 8, 2017

Prospective attendees for the 2017 AGA Postgraduate Course can help define content for Dr. Kane’s presentation on IBD in special populations.

Sunanda Kane, MD, MSPH, AGAF, is soliciting questions and topics of interest for her 2017 AGA Postgraduate Course presentation on IBD management in special populations: the transitioning pediatric patient, the pregnant patient and the “elderly” patient. 

AGA members who submit a response to the discussion thread in the AGA Community will be entered into a drawing for free registration to the 2017 event. If you are already registered for the course, we will reimburse your registration fee, if selected. 

Submit your comments and questions to Dr. Kane in the forum by Friday, Feb. 17, for your chance to win.