2018-02-13 21:00:44 UTC

The GI Tract is a Long and Winding Road

Feb. 13, 2018

Check your mailbox for a new AGA patient education poster.

AGA has released a new patient education poster informing patients about the various functions along the digestive tract. 

The Stay on Tract poster is visually engaging with large font and easy to read descriptions of various organs. It’s meant to hang in any clinician’s office to help give a broad overview of the digestive system and encourages patients to go online to the Patient Info Center to learn more. 

Looking for more?

AGA offers additional education posters on the importance of bowel prep and how to avoid overdose with over-the-counter pain medicines.
If you didn’t receive these posters or would like to order additional copies, please email Hannah Herrington at hherrington@gastro.org.

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