2017-09-06 20:37:25 UTC

Tips for Developing Skills in Advocacy and Personal Branding

Sept. 6, 2017

Insights from the 2017 AGA Women’s Leadership Conference will help you grow in the GI profession.

Women from across the U.S. and Mexico attended the 2017 AGA Women’s Leadership Conference to develop their personal strengths, identify passions, build areas of expertise and network with other AGA members.

Negotiating skills, fair pay, mentoring, personal branding and advocacy were some of the subjects highlighted at the conference. For those who couldn’t attend, the current issue of The New Gastroenterologist shares the following five tips provided at the meeting:

  • Mentorship is critical for successful career development — create space for mentorship through local gatherings with other gastroenterologists or researchers.
  • Discern your individual passion — identifying professional and personal ambitions can allow you to focus your energy and activities.
  • Your strengths and passions can be connected to areas of need within a home institution or an organization like AGA.
  • If you have children, take time to be present at home; there will be opportunities to assume leadership roles in the future.
  • Your personal brand should include a punchy, memorable one to two sentence statement that considers your values and target audience. 

Thanks to AGA leadership, including Maria Cruz-Correa, MD, PhD, AGAF, councillor-at-large; Deborah Proctor, MD, AGAF, education and training councillor; Ellen Zimmerman, MD, AGAF, Women’s Committee chair ;and Sheila Crowe, MD, AGAF, president of AGA, for being part of this informative program.

Full details and breakdowns of the sessions from the conference are available in The New Gastroenterologist