2017-08-03 12:46:13 UTC

Toasted: The Perils of Home Remedy

Aug. 3, 2017

Why did a 55-year-old man develop a reddish-purple reticulated rash after using a heating pad to alleviate severe abdominal pain?

Gastroenterology Clinical Image Challenge: A 55-year-old man with a history of chronic back pain decided to wean himself off of long-standing high-dose opiates. As he self-titrated down his opiate dose, he developed increasingly severe abdominal pain. To alleviate this pain, he applied a heating pad to his abdomen on a daily basis, a practice that he continued for a 6-month period. He presented to our clinic for evaluation of his abdominal pain and reported that the heating pad helped to ease his pain, but that he had progressively developed a rash over his abdomen. On physical examination, a prominent reddish-purple reticulated rash was present over the abdomen (Figure A).

What is the diagnosis?

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