2016-08-01 14:44:47 UTC

Update on the Safety Profile of Nonselective Beta Blockers

Aug. 2, 2016

CGH meta-analysis finds that NSBBs do not increase mortality in patients with cirrhosis and ascites or refractory ascites.

Nonselective beta blockers (NSBBs) do not significantly increase the risk of death in patients with cirrhosis and ascites or refractory ascites, researchers report in the August issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH). The findings from this meta-analysis do not support the position that NSBBs be routinely withheld from patients with ascites.

The researchers performed a meta-analysis of data from studies of NSBBs to determine whether they are more likely to harm or help patients with cirrhosis. The authors found that use of NSBBs was not associated with increased all-cause mortality. Similar findings were made for patients with nonrefractory ascites or refractory ascites.

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