2015-06-03 18:51:05 UTC

Prickly Problems in Acute Pancreatitis

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This AGA Clinical Snapshot is an executive summary of Dr. Wu's presentation during the 2015 AGA Spring Postgraduate Course at DDW® 2015 in Washington, DC.

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1. To apply definitions from the revised Atlanta classification and recommendations from current practice guidelines on management of necrotizing pancreatitis to the care of patients with necrotizing pancreatitis.

2. To identify the appropriate clinical context for suspicion of infected necrosis.

3. To recognize the indications for intervention on pancreatic necrosis.

4. To implement evidence-based management for necrotizing pancreatitis and complications: endoscopy, antibiotics and other treatments.

About the Instructors

Bechien Wu, MD, MPH, Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

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Acute pancreatitis is a leading cause for hospitalization for digestive disease in the U.S. with more than 280,000 hospitalizations on an annual basis1. While the majority of cases consist of self-limited disease, up to 15 percent of cases can evolve into life-threatening illness2. A major determinant of the severity of illness is the development of pancreatic necrosis as well as organ failure. A key to reducing the overall burden of acute pancreatitis has been the development of effective primary and secondary prevention strategies …

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