GI Coding Advisor

Physicians have the tools needed to provide optimal care for their patients. Shouldn’t medical billers and practice managers have the best tools to optimize revenue?

GI Coding Advisor
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$299/year for nonmembers

Code with Confidence

Your practice's profits are tied to the quality of your coding. Use the GI Coding Advisor to ensure you maximize reimbursements, reduce denials, improve compliance and are prepared for ICD-10. The GI Coding Advisor is a Web-based coding tool that is regularly updated by the AGA’s coding and billing specialist Kathleen Mueller. Take advantage of expert advice at your fingertips. The GI Coding Advisor will improve your bottom line.

  • Easily transition to ICD-10 using the ICD-10 coding tool and claim scrubber.
  • Maximize reimbursements with expert advice that identifies missed billing opportunities.
  • Scrub your claims to avoid costly denials and audits.
  • Effectively appeal wrongfully denied claims.
  • Improve medical billing accuracy.

The GI Coding Advisor is much more than a code look-up tool. It's a complete coding toolbox, including a claim scrubber, that is ICD-10 ready. CMS estimates that claim denials will increase by 100-200 percent, once ICD-10 is implemented. Make sure your practice's billing staff have the best tools available to optimize revenues quickly and effectively.

Reasons Why GI Practices are Using GI Coding Advisor

Easily identify missed billing opportunities by using expert advice.

I really can't say enough about Coding Advisor, between Kathy’s advice and the claim scrubbing function it saves me SO much time, the code look-up tool is so fast and it is so reasonably priced, I just love it. —Lynn Robbin, RN CPC, Franciscan St. Francis Health

Avoid costly denials as you tap into a vast database that explains how to properly code your diagnoses and procedures.

We have been using it since you began offering it. There is so much more that you offer over the other products. I also love that you guys listen to the user's viewpoint and improve the product all of the time! —Charlene Endre-Burgett

Protect your practice's profits by using documentation tips that help you dodge auditing flags.

Your Coding Advisor quickly became our go-to for information. We stopped buying several expensive books because we know we can quickly find the information we need on your site. Our doctors are happy. Due to the claim scrubbing feature we have been able to generate the maximum revenue on more involved claims. We love Coding Advisor and wouldn't be without it!
—Tana Cook

Effectively appeal wrongfully denied claims using Denial Buster (the automatic appeal writer).

I already used [Denial Buster] to appeal a claim. This is a wonderful aspect as the work is already done for you without having to do a letter  to the insurance company along with the other claim adjustment forms we have to send.
—Cheryl Wright LPNCPC, Endoscopic Procedure Center

Get ready for ICD-10 implementation by using the GI Coding Advisor ICD-10 translator.

This tool has a claim scrubber to help you minimize errors when transitioning to ICD-10. Easily narrow your search and get the ICD-10 codes you need.

Two Options for Greater Flexibility

GI Coding Advisor

This package includes the following lookup tools and services:

  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 bidirectional conversion tool
  • Crosswalk from ICD-9 to ICD-10 procedure codes
  • ICD-9 Index
  • ICD-10 Index lookup with expert GI coding advice
  • Online claim scrubber with Denial Buster (automatic appeal writer for wrongfully denied claims)
  • LCD lookup tool with full text of all LCDs in the U.S.
  • CPT with expert GI coding advice
  • Modifiers
  • Places of Service lookup
  • Pay Schedules/ Medicare Fee Schedules
  • RVUs
  • Global Periods

AGA Members: $249/year (requires login)
Nonmembers: $299/year

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Get the most authoritative coding tool imaginable. What do you have to lose except your coding headaches?

Please contact Medical Code Solutions for any questions related to the GI Coding Advisor at 866-963-5747. No coding questions will be answered.