Colorectal Cancer

Name Release Date
Comment Period Closing: Lynch Syndrome Guideline 04/23/2015
AGA Proud to Partner with CDC 04/16/2015
CMS Issues New Guidance on Modifiers 04/16/2015
Open for Public Comment: New Lynch Syndrome Guideline 04/09/2015
Tumor Location Portends CRC Survival 04/09/2015
Two-Way Association between IBD and Cervical Neoplasia 04/09/2015
Prevention, Early Detection and Overdiagnosis of CRC Within 10 Years of Screening Colonoscopy in Germany 04/02/2015
CRC Screening in the Elderly: Can We Stop the Train? 03/26/2015
IL6 Alters Localization of hMSH3, Leading to DNA Mismatch Repair Defects in CRC Cells 03/19/2015
How Does Cologuard Stack Up to Colonoscopy? 03/12/2015
Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Legislation Introduced 03/12/2015
AGA Resources for CRC Point-of-Care 03/12/2015
Happy Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 03/05/2015
AGA Partners with CDC to Fight Smoking & CRC 02/26/2015
Join AGA in Raising CRC Awareness This March 02/26/2015
Continued Infection Risk with Duodenoscopes Used for ERCP is Unacceptable 02/19/2015
Infection Risks Continue with Duodenoscopes Used for ERCP 02/19/2015
Cuts to Lower Endoscopy Codes Delayed; AGA PAC Plays Key Role 02/16/2015
Association Between Molecular Subtypes of CRC and Patient Survival 01/22/2015
FITs Perform Differently in Mass CRC Screening 12/18/2014
Pay Careful Attention to Colonoscopy Indication 12/11/2014
ACOs: An Opportunity for GIs 12/04/2014
We've Got Your Back with 7 Clinical Decision Support Tools 12/04/2014
Commentary on New Research Finding Increase in CRC in Young Adults 11/13/2014
Audio Podcasts Present the Latest Updates from the AGA Journals 11/06/2014
Thiopurines and Risk of Colorectal Neoplasia in IBD Patients 11/06/2014
2015 Medicare Pay Rules Delay Cuts to Lower GI Codes 11/04/2014
AGA DHRP™ Offers Program to Qualify for CMS PQRS 10/30/2014
FIT Equivalent to Colonoscopy in Familial CRC Screening 10/30/2014
New AGA Tool to Help Detect CRC 10/16/2014
Bundled Payments for Colonoscopy Inevitable — But Maybe Not a Bad Thing 10/16/2014
Increased Risk of Colorectal Neoplasia Among Family Members of Patients With CRC 10/02/2014
New Multi-Society Guidelines on Adequate Bowel Cleansing for Colonoscopy 09/25/2014
Is ‘Resect and Discard’ Ready for Prime Time? 09/25/2014
Germline Mutation of RPS20 Causes Predisposition to Colon Cancer 09/18/2014
AGA’s New Crohn’s Clinical Decision Tool 09/11/2014
Long-Term CRC Mortality after Adenoma Removal 09/04/2014
Avoid CMS PQRS Penalties by Using the AGA Digestive Health Recognition Program 09/02/2014
Have You Enrolled in DHRP? 08/21/2014
Race, Ethnicity and Sex Affect Risk for Polyps >9 mm in Average-Risk Individuals 08/21/2014
Effect of Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Screening on CRC Incidence and Mortality 08/21/2014
Fight Against CRC Gains a New Tool 08/14/2014
Gut Bacteria May Aid Testing for Colon Cancer 08/14/2014
New Guideline: Genetic Test All CRC Tumors 08/07/2014
Heterogeneity in the Pathogenesis of CRC, From Adenoma to Cancer 08/07/2014
Genetic Marker for Better Colon Cancer Prognosis Halved Among African Americans 07/31/2014
Low Rate of Large Polyps Within 10 Years After an Adequate Baseline Colonoscopy With No Polyps 07/31/2014
Markers of Glucose Metabolism Impact Risk of Colorectal Adenoma 07/17/2014
Measure and Demonstrate Improved Patient Health Outcomes 07/02/2014
New! AGA Introduces DHRP Modules for CRC Screening and Prevention 06/19/2014
Lingering Reimbursement Concerns About Recent Advances 06/06/2014
A Productive Day in Washington, DC 06/05/2014
PET-CT Imaging for CRC Patients With Hepatic Metastases 05/22/2014
AGA Develops Toolbox to Help GIs Thrive 05/15/2014
IBD Patients With Low Levels of Vitamin D Have Increased Risk of Cancer 04/24/2014
Adenoma Detection Rate Linked to Risk of CRC 04/10/2014
Characteristics of Missed or Interval CRC and Patient Survival 04/10/2014
New Colonoscopy Category II Codes 04/04/2014
Bundled Payments Come to Gastroenterology 03/27/2014
CRC Rates Down 30 Percent 03/20/2014
Multitarget Stool DNA Testing for CRC Screening 03/20/2014
Nurse Trainees Perform Colonoscopies with High-Quality Standards 03/13/2014
New CRC Research in CGH and Gastro 03/13/2014
Dietary Fiber Intake Reduces Risk for Colorectal Adenoma 03/06/2014
Fecal Immunochemical Tests Detect Most CRCs 03/06/2014
Check Out the AGA Perspectives Special CRC Issue 03/06/2014
Low-Dose Aspirin Use After Diagnosis of CRC Does Not Increase Survival 03/06/2014
Advocating for GI on Capitol Hill 02/27/2014
Follow-Up Tests Improve CRC Recurrence Detection 02/13/2014
The Value of Colonoscopy 01/30/2014
Widespread Screening Linked to Fewer CRC Deaths 12/19/2013
Loss of SMAD4 from CRC Cells Promotes CCL15 Expression to Recruit CCR1+ Myeloid Cells and Facilitate Liver Metastasis 11/14/2013
How to Code Colonoscopy Under Obamacare 10/31/2013
Racial and Ethnic Variations in the Effects of Family History of CRC on Screening Compliance 10/10/2013
Panitumumab–FOLFOX4 Treatment and RAS Mutations in CRC 09/26/2013
Study in New England Journal of Medicine: Colonoscopy Saves Lives 09/19/2013
Colonoscopy Is Better than Sigmoidoscopy in Protecting Against CRC 09/17/2013
Hybrid CRC Screening Strategy Proves Cost-Effective 09/05/2013
Non-Invasive Test Optimizes CRC Screening Rates 08/20/2013
MicroRNA-627 Mediates the Epigenetic Mechanisms of Vitamin D 08/08/2013
Controversy Evident in Our Colonoscopy Guidelines: Yes 08/08/2013
CGH and Gastro July Editors' Picks 07/04/2013
In Situ Validation of an Intestinal Stem Cell Signature in CRC 06/27/2013
Circulating MicroRNAs as Biomarkers of CRC 06/20/2013
CGH and Gastro Editors' Picks 06/13/2013
LXRs Inhibit Proliferation of Human CRC Cells and Growth of Intestinal Tumors in Mice 06/13/2013
NYT Editorial Board Addresses Colonoscopy 06/13/2013
New for 2013, AGA-ASGE Presidential Plenary a First at DDW® 05/16/2013
Add Diversity Sessions to Your DDW® Event Plan 05/09/2013
Patients Do Not Recall Important Details About Polyps, Required for Colorectal Cancer Prevention 05/09/2013
New GastroSlides Images Focus on Digestive Health and Disease in Women 05/02/2013
Increased Risk of CRC After Obesity Surgery 04/18/2013
URM Track Provides Networking, Learning Opportunities at DDW® 04/04/2013
Family History of CRC Linked to Better Survival After Diagnosis 04/04/2013
CRC Screening Interval After Negative Colonoscopy 04/04/2013
List of DDW® Sessions and Research on the Gut Microbiome Now Available 03/28/2013
Long-Term Outcomes After Resection for Submucosal Invasive CRC 03/28/2013
The Road Ahead: What if GIs Were Accountable for Preventing CRC? 03/21/2013
Cancer Deaths Declined 20 Percent Since 1991 03/21/2013
Bisphosphonates Are Associated with Reduced Risk of CRC 03/19/2013
Take Action on the Colonoscopy Co-Insurance Medicare Issue 03/14/2013
Automated Intervention Increases Uptake of CRC Screening 03/14/2013
Patient Attitudes to Colonoscopy and the Importance of Endoscopist Interaction 03/14/2013
AGA Lays Groundwork for Expanding Choosing Wisely® Quality Program 03/14/2013
Prepare to Become Accountable for CRC Patient Management 03/07/2013
Risk Factors Associated with Colorectal Flat Adenoma Detection 03/07/2013
Dress in Blue Day 2013 03/07/2013
AGA Celebrates National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 02/28/2013
Stool DNA Testing for the Detection of Colorectal Neoplasia in IBD 02/21/2013
Electro-Acupuncture Reduces Postoperative Ileus After CRC Laparoscopic Surgery 02/21/2013
Privately Insured Patients Not Financially Responsible for Screening Colonoscopy 02/21/2013
Regional Variation in Anesthesia Assistance During Outpatient Colonoscopy 02/14/2013
Screening Colonoscopy: A New Frontier for Nurse Practitioners? 02/14/2013
Barrett's Esophagus and the Risk of Colonic Tumors 02/12/2013
CRC Surgery Patients Receive Surveillance Earlier than Recommended 02/07/2013
Breast and Colorectal Cancer Screening Is Most Appropriate With a Life Expectancy More Than 10 Years 01/31/2013
Real-Time Optical Biopsy of Colon Polyps With NBI Does Not Yet Meet Key Clinical Decision Thresholds 01/24/2013
Barrett's Esophagus Increases the Risk of Colon Cancer 01/24/2013
Use of GEP in Predicting Outcomes 12/20/2012
Zofran Recalled Due to Potential For Serious Cardiac Risks 12/06/2012
GI Societies Issue New Colonoscopy Surveillance Guidelines 10/26/2012
GI Societies Issue New Colonoscopy Surveillance Guidelines 10/26/2012
GI Societies Issue New Colonoscopy Surveillance Guidelines 10/04/2012
FDA Approves New Treatment for Advanced CRC 09/27/2012
Patients Pay for Confusion Over Colonoscopy Screening 09/20/2012
How To Leverage What You Do Well 09/07/2012
Webinar Explores How to Effectively Bridge Research, Practice 08/23/2012
FDA Approves Drug for Metastatic CRC 08/09/2012
AHRQ Seeks Comments on Draft Report 07/19/2012
Remembering Legendary Gastroenterologist Joseph B. Kirsner, MD, PhD 07/12/2012
GI-Performed Colonoscopy Improves Success Rate 06/21/2012
Choosing Wisely — What Does It Mean? 06/08/2012
GIs Receive Higher-Than-Average PQRS Payments 06/08/2012
Comments Needed on Colon Cancer Technical Review 05/17/2012
Hand-Picked Sessions Useful in Day-to-Day Practice 05/03/2012
Measure Appropriate Screening Intervals 04/19/2012
AGA Unveils List of Treatments Doctors, Patients Should Question 04/05/2012
CDC, AGA Bring Colorectal Cancer Screening to the Uninsured 03/29/2012
Screening Based on CRC Risk Is the Most Cost-Effective Approach 03/22/2012
AGA Reacts to Anesthesia Utilization Study 03/22/2012
Contact Your Local Newspaper — Advocating for Our Patients 03/15/2012
Measure Appropriate Screening Intervals 03/09/2012
Overcoming Obstacles to Quality Measurement 02/16/2012
Counterfeit Version of Avastin in U.S. Distribution 02/16/2012
Dietary Fiber and Whole Grains Reduce CRC Risk 12/08/2011
Could Listening to Mozart Help Doctors Spot Colon Polyps? 11/03/2011
News Worth Retweeting 11/03/2011
Here's What You're Retweeting 10/28/2011
How Will ACO Final Rule Impact Your Practice? 10/27/2011
IOM Releases Report on Essential Health Benefits 10/15/2011
AGA Advocates for Fair Medicare Reimbursements 08/30/2011
AGA Helps Raise Awareness of Colon Cancer 03/07/2011
Inflammatory Markers Are Associated with CRC Risk 03/07/2011
Carriers Should Not Reject New PT Modifier 02/25/2011
AGA Responds to NYT on Price of Colonoscopy 02/24/2011
National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Screening Day 02/11/2011
Training Mandate Does Not Address Cognitive Competency 02/08/2011
CMS Announces Revisions to Anesthesia Guidelines 02/07/2011
Can Canines Smell CRC? 01/31/2011
High-Quality Colonoscopy Is Important 01/25/2011
NQF Endorses Measures for Endoscopy/Polyp Surveillance 01/20/2011
CMS Issues Guidance on PT Modifier 01/07/2011
Screening Versus Diagnostic Colonoscopy: What You, Your Patients and Referring Physicians Should Know 01/04/2011
Low-Dose Aspirin Use Influences Performance of FOBTs 12/17/2010
New Insurance Reforms Effective Are Effective 09/23/2010
National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable Quality of Colonoscopy Recommendations 09/06/2010
AGA President Responds to New York Times Editorial 08/20/2010
Sessile Serrated Adenomas Are High-Risk Lesions 07/30/2010
AGA Institute & Ingenix Collaborative Project 07/06/2010
NQF Releases Endoscopy/Polyp Surveillance Measures for Public Comment 06/18/2010
Doctors Study Age & Birth Cohort Effects in Colorectal Neoplasms 06/11/2010
AGA Launches Digestive Health Outcomes Registry 06/02/2010
Quality Indicators for Colonoscopy and the Risk of Interval Cancer 06/02/2010
Young GIs Lobby Congress on SGR Reform, Colon Cancer Screening 05/20/2010
What Does the AGA Digestive Health Outcomes Registry Mean to Your Practice? 04/27/2010
GI Quality and Practice Management News February Editorial 04/16/2010
An Update on AGA Guidelines 04/16/2010
AGA Registry Focuses on IBD & CRC 04/13/2010
High Rate of Dysplasia Is Based on Polyp Size 04/13/2010