Intestinal Disorders

Name Release Date
AGA Nurse GI Educator Program 04/13/2015
AGA-Funded Researcher to Expand Knowledge of Celiac Disease 01/15/2015
Help Your Nurses Enhance Their Knowledge of Common GI Disorders 01/08/2015
U.S. C. Difficile Mortality Jumped Sevenfold 1999-2008 12/18/2014
Most Patients With Celiac Disease Are Not At Risk for Fertility Problems 12/11/2014
DDSEP® 7 Mobile App 12/04/2014
Breath Testing for SIBO 12/04/2014
We've Got Your Back with 7 Clinical Decision Support Tools 12/04/2014
Timing of Gluten Introduction In Infancy Doesn’t Matter 11/20/2014
Risk of C. Diff Infection in Hospitalized Patients Receiving Metronidazole 11/06/2014
New CDC Guidance Issued for Known or Suspected Ebola Cases 10/23/2014
Innovations in Microbiome Research 10/09/2014
Artificial Sweeteners Induce Glucose Intolerance By Altering the Gut Microbiota 09/25/2014
Novel Microbes Associated With Diarrheal Disease in Under Developed Countries 09/11/2014
AGA’s New Crohn’s Clinical Decision Tool 09/11/2014
Helpful Resource for Your Patients Dealing with Constipation 09/04/2014
Clinical Problem-Solving Techniques and Strategies for Today's Practitioner 09/04/2014
Taking the Yuck Out of Fecal Transplants 08/14/2014
Deadlines Approaching for NP, PA Course 07/17/2014
Naloxegol for Opioid-Induced Constipation in Patients with Noncancer Pain 07/03/2014
Loss of Syntaxin 3 Causes Variant Microvillus Inclusion Disease 07/03/2014
FDA Medical Device Recall: Flexi-Seal Control Fecal Management System Kit 06/26/2014
Therapeutic Treatment for Celiac Disease Proves Effective in Phase 2 Trial 06/19/2014
Utility of Testing Patients for Serologic Features of Celiac Disease 05/29/2014
AGA Develops Toolbox to Help GIs Thrive 05/15/2014
Gastroenterologists Trust UpToDate® To Make the Right Point-of-Care Decisions 05/01/2014
IL15 and CD4+ T Cells Cooperate in the Development of Celiac Disease 05/01/2014
New Tool Helps GI-PCP Communication 04/17/2014
Principles of Gastroenterology for the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant 03/27/2014
Course for NPs and PAs Focuses on Best Practices, Evidence-Based Medicine 03/13/2014
UpToDate® — Smarter Decisions. Better Care. 02/20/2014
Free Resources from AGA Help Educate Your Patients 02/13/2014
Improving Celiac Disease Risk Prediction by Testing Additional Non-HLA Variants 02/13/2014
Online Registration for the 2014 Clinical Congress Ends Jan. 10 01/09/2014
Diverticulitis Has Low Rate of Digression 01/09/2014
2014 AGA Clinical Congress: Hotel Reservation Deadline Approaching 12/12/2013
AGA’s New FMT Site Has Info for Physicians and Patients 12/05/2013
You Can Still Save on Your 2014 Clinical Congress Registration 12/05/2013
Constipation and a Low-Fiber Diet Are Not Associated With Diverticulosis 12/05/2013
More Severe Disease in Celiac Disease Patients with Anemia vs. Diarrhea 11/07/2013
UpToDate® — Smarter Decisions. Better Care. 10/10/2013
Gliadin Does Not Induce Mucosal Inflammation or Basophil Activation in Patients with NCGS 10/10/2013
DDSEP: Enhance Your Knowledge, Build Expertise and Improve Patient Care 09/19/2013
2014 AGA Clinical Congress Designed by GI Clinicians for GI Clinicians 08/15/2013
Celiac Disease, Eosinophilic Esophagitis and GERD 07/18/2013
Safety and Efficacy of Teduglutide in Patients With Short Bowel Intestinal Failure 07/11/2013
Risk Predictors of Mortality in C. difficile Infection 06/20/2013
New Gastro Q&A: “Stalk”ing the Etiology of Rectal Bleeding 06/13/2013
Fecal Microbiota Transplant is a Promising Treatment 06/13/2013
Current Celiac Disease Screening Strategy Proves Cost Effective in Preventing Bone Diseases 06/04/2013
Lower Prevalence of NIDDM and Metabolic Syndrome in Celiac Disease 05/09/2013
Gluten-Free Diet Impacts Bowel Frequency in IBS-D Patients 04/25/2013
Levels of Anti-tTG During Pregnancy Are Associated with Reduced Fetal and Birth Weight 04/25/2013
Cholinesterase Inhibition Influences Colon Function in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Constipation 04/11/2013
CGH Image of the Month 04/04/2013
List of DDW® Sessions and Research on the Gut Microbiome Now Available 03/28/2013
NPs, PAs Can Benefit from Popular Course Designed to Address their Unique Needs 03/28/2013
Prevalence of IBS in Celiac Disease 03/28/2013
Lactose Intolerance and Effects on Dairy Product Intake in Patients with IBS 03/07/2013
FDA Workshop on FMT 03/07/2013
Duodenal Infusion of Donor Feces Versus Vancomycin for C. Difficile 02/07/2013
UpToDate® — Smarter Decisions. Better Care. 01/24/2013
Manipulation of Gut Microbiota in Obesity Influences Metabolic Outcomes 01/24/2013
FDA Announces Two New GI Drug Approvals 01/10/2013
Coming Soon: Medical Position Statement on Constipation 12/07/2012
Stay in the Know: GI Provisions in Inpatient Final Rule 08/30/2012
FDA Approves Drug for IBS, Constipation 08/30/2012
FDA Posts Guidance for Clinical Evaluation of IBS Drugs 06/14/2012
AHRQ Keeps You in the Know in Comparative Effectiveness 12/15/2011
Here's What You're Retweeting 12/08/2011
Is It Time to Dismiss the PPI Safety Concerns? 07/29/2011
Pregnancy and IBD: How to Best Communicate Risks and Benefits to Patients and the Obstetrician 07/29/2011
Increasing CRC Screening in Minorities and Disadvantaged Populations: Our Success Story 07/29/2011
SimplyThick®: Risk of Life-Threatening Bowel Condition 05/27/2011
Dextranomer Injection Effective for Fecal Incontinence 03/28/2011
The Vicious Cycle of Unrecognized Celiac Disease 02/25/2011
Diagnostic Testing for Celiac Disease Among Patients with Abdominal Symptoms 06/02/2010
Nobel Laureate to Expound on Global Health during DDW® Lecture 04/16/2010
An Update on AGA Guidelines 04/16/2010
FDA Panel Approves Salix for Liver-Related Neurological Problems 04/15/2010
FDA Recommends Temporary Suspension of Rotarix 04/15/2010
Rotavirus Vaccine May Decrease Diarrhea-Related Deaths 04/13/2010
Safety Alert: Maalox Medication Use Errors 04/13/2010
Celiac Disease Is Associated with Dental Enamel Defects 04/13/2010