Immunology, Microbiology & IBD


Early Mucosal Healing With Infliximab Is Associated With Improved Long-term Clinical Outcomes in Ulcerative Colitis

HLA-Cw*1202-B*5201-DRB1*1502 Haplotype Increases Risk for Ulcerative Colitis but Reduces Risk for Crohn's Disease

Mucosal Healing Predicts Late Outcomes After the First Course of Corticosteroids for Newly Diagnosed Ulcerative Colitis

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Education & Meetings

GI SAM: Disorders of the Stomach and Viral Hepatitis

GI SAM: Digestive Health and Disease in Women

Crohn's Disease Virtual Clinic: Alexander Visit 1

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Journal Articles & Editorials

Colorectal Dysplasia in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Clinicopathologic Perspective

Risk of Cerebrovascular Accidents and Ischemic Heart Disease in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Adalimumab Induces Deep Remission in Patients With Crohn's Disease

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Gastroenterology Podcast April 2014: Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor Monotherapy vs Combination Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Gastroenterology Podcast January 2014: Subcutaneous Golimumab Induces and Maintains Clinical Response and Remission in Patients with Moderate-to-Severe Ulcerative Colitis

CGH Podcast January 2014: A Study of Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Luminal Crohn's Disease Refractory to Biologic Therapy

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