Roadmap to the Future of GI

Deliver High-Value Care

Practice evidence-based medicine.

AGA develops and keeps you up-to-date with the latest clinical guidelines so you can treat patients using evidence based, established standards of care.

Employ innovative decision support.

AGA’s growing suite of mobile quality tools, including AGA’s Instant Recommendations for IBD Quality™ and HCV Quality, offer you interactive clinical decision-support algorithms at the point-of-care so you can achieve national quality measurement standards.

Use nationally-recognized measures.

The AGA works with national quality measurement organizations to develop guidelines-based, nationally-recognized quality measures. These measures are accepted by entities such as CMS and private payors as methods for demonstrating your quality and meeting standards for recognition and rewards.

Demonstrate Quality

Demonstrate excellence in CRC screening and surveillance, IBD and HCV care.

The AGA Digestive Health Recognition Program™ provides a fast, fully-integrated way to meet CMS Physician Quality Reporting System requirements, gain ABIM MOC points and demonstrate excellence to payors across the nation.

Maintain board certification quality requirements.

The AGA Digestive Health Recognition Program supports quality measurement for the purposes of completing an ABIM Practice Improvement Module for colorectal cancer (CRC) screening and surveillance, hepatitis C virus (HCV) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Maximize Revenue

Utilize tools to help improve patient care and demonstrate value.

To flourish under health-care reform, GIs must demonstrate high-value care. AGA provides practical, easy-to-use information to help improve your patient care and demonstrate value to payors.

Report your measurement data and reap the rewards of your efforts.

Enroll in the AGA Digestive Health Recognition Program to report on quality measures and achieve payor and CMS Physician PQRS standards and incentives.

Improve your coding.

Use AGA's coding resources to help you identify missed billing opportunities, avoid costly denials and protect your profits. Make transitioning to ICD-10 a breeze.

Use innovative payment models to maximize rewards.

The AGA works with national payors to develop payment models to help GIs thrive. These emerging payment structures include the development of care bundles which share risk across providers and reward high-quality GI care.

Develop new business lines.

The AGA has developed non-procedural business lines in nutrition, geriatrics, and women’s health, to expand practice services and boost revenue. See the special publication on this topic. Learn more.

Glossary of Tools